Eisegesis ~VS~ Exegesis

Eisegesis ~VS~ Exegesis.


8 thoughts on “Eisegesis ~VS~ Exegesis

      • NO, lol. I know not everyone is listening, Ha! I’ve accepted that one! I just know over the years that most pastors do not teach their people how to study. I don’t think a lot of pastors know how either. I was blessed by someone asking me this question and when I started writing it our I decided to post it to see if it would help anyone else. I hope you were blessed by it. Be sure to share it with others. It is only for the glory of God. My goal is to get folks off the milk and on the meat. Blessings! Good question!

      • Thanks for clarifying. I have been wondering about the practice of trading likes and thinking, is anyone really listening. As you say some are not and we should accept it.
        Case in point was your post, how do you just click like? O well, many didn’t listen to Jesus so who am I?
        That was a good one, thanks.

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